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 free training!

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free training! Empty
PostSubject: free training!   free training! EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 11:39 am

Well im currently doing free training to get more known as a nice guy in the community.

i do most stats like,

range ---- supply arrows and bow ill train levels 1-20 or if it is like 20 or higher please tell me and we can work out what levels ill train.

strength --- supply armour weapon and food (pots if you like) basicaly same as above.

mage --- I alch , I do circus if it is members for like 5k+ exp depending on level it can be a max of 25k exp supply runes (i do curse, weaken, and more if your poor)

I also bury bones for prayer.

I do train attack same as strength for requirments.


I do pest control and the money i make from it i keep and if you require full void ill do it for 1-2mil but i probabley won't be gettin that much for now.

I get "free" bronze, iron and steel defenders any high you must pay a negociated price me and you accept.

remenber i would like a vouch after i do service for you.

(P.S i do get like 100-300 points for 1 or 2 things in torso so like attack and defence or what ever you choose)

i discuss "all" over msn or private message or on fourms i will choose so leave your msn here or pm me it and i will add you.

Thank you.

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free training!
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